GE Voluson P8





Patient demands and time pressures are high. To succeed, your practice requires exceptional and efficient imaging services:


  • Excellent 2D images – optimized for clarity and detail at the placement of a probe
  • Advanced color Doppler – to provide deep insight into vascular anatomy and function
  • Exceptional penetration with consistent image quality – to help with difficult-to-image patients
  • One-touch image optimization – for fast efficient imaging
  • Easy 3D imaging – additional anatomical views for thorough assessments


The Voluson Performance system is a sleek, lightweight system that slips easily into small spaces and enables fast, effortless scanning and reporting.

Scanning automation helps improve exam quality and speed so you can make short work of heavy schedules:

  • Auto optimization of 2D and Doppler – Helps enhance contrast resolution and spectral Doppler at the touch of a button for superb images

Lightweight probes with wide field of view (FOV). Choose from an extensive range of probes that deliver outstanding image quality with minimal user interaction.


  • Wide-sector abdominal and endocavitary probes display more anatomical information in a single image than with standard FOV versions
  • Lightweight probe options for user and patient comfort


Intuitive keyboard design provides fast access to frequently used functions to help reduce exam times and limit reaching that can cause user fatigue.

17-inch, flat-screen LCD monitor
provides high-resolution visibility under all lighting conditions and moves independently of the console for easy adjustment and user comfort.

Simplified reporting and archiving

  • Create structured reports (1st, 2nd and 3rd trimester, gynaecology) in minutes
  • Export PDF reports with images and graphs at the touch of a button
  • Wireless connectivity for efficient, secure transmission of reports and images. Integrated peripherals including a software DVR for efficient documentation.

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